DynaM charts the dynamics on the Belgian labour market 2011-09-29

During 2009-2010 (measuring period June 2009 - June 2010) 206.400 supplementary jobs have been created in Belgium by growing companies and starting employers. During this period 173.100 jobs were lost by shrinking companies and because of closing-downs. On balance the level of employment has been characterized by a modest net growth rate of 1%, i.e. +33.200 jobs. The labour market has in that way recovered fom the crisis of the years 2008-2009. 
Until recently there did not exist in Belgium any structured and reliable figures concerning these dynamics. The National Social Security Office participates in DynaM, an innovatory project which charts the turbulence on the Belgian labour market.
DynaM publishes online figures and their interpretation on the site
The NSSO provides the data and has developed together with the HIVA-K.U.Leuven reliable statistics. HIVA offers scientific support and monitors the international comparability of the figures. Federgon, the sector federation of HR service providers, supports the reasearch activities of HIVA with the Federgon Chair ‘Dynamics of the labour market’.

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