October 20th, 2010: first World Statistics Day 2010-10-18

On the initiative of the United Nations, the World Statistics Day (WSD) will be organised for the first time on Wednesday, the 20th of October 2010. 
The United National Statistical Commission (UNSC) decided with great enthusiasm during its 41st Session in February 2010 to celebrate WSD under the theme ‘Celebrating the Many Achievements of Statistics: Service, Professionalism and Integrity’.
The UN Statistics Division (UNSD) calls on governments to celebrate this day in co-operation with the national statistical services. More information about UNSD activities can be found on
Statistics Belgium clearly backs this initiative and plans several activities during the Belgian Presidency. A joint press conference with Eurostat, the European office that gathers all national statistical institutes is to be held. A folder that emphasizes the importance of statistics in our daily life will be disseminated as widely as possible. All this is initiated in close co-operation with the Higher Council of Statistics and the national and regional statistical offices, amongst whom is associated also the NSSO.

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