The NSSO is ready for ‘SEPA’ 2008-12-03

The account number of the NSSO with a new look !

From January 1 2009 onwards, all our documents and transfer forms have been adapted to the new European standard ‘Single Euro Payments Area’ (SEPA). This means that they will from now on mention the account number according to the new European standard (with the codes IBAN - International Bank Account Number and BIC - Bank Identifier Code). A preparatory period of twelve months towards a successfull switchover within the deadline imposed by the Government has consequently come to an end.

A standardized European account number

The account number of the NSSO in accordance with the new Euopean payment standard SEPA is the following : 
IBAN number : BE63 6790 2618 1108 

Transition period

Until the month of December 2010 you can still use the current account number and the current transfer forms of the NSSO. Indeed, during the transition period the banks have the possibility to process payments both on the basis of the account number “old version” and the IBAN/BIC number. However you should bear in mind that the use of the structured message remains mandatory, regardless of the format of the transfer form (old or new format).

More information

You can obtain more information about the new European payment standard in the present SEPA leaflet or on the SEPA website.

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