Satisfaction survey 2007: the NSSO swings into action 2008-09-17

In the course of the month of February 2007 a satisfaction survey relating to the functioning of the NSSO has been organized for the second time. The survey was focused upon the different target groups of the NSSO : the large companies who are being individually accompanied, the small companies who draw up themselves their social security returns, the employers who appeal to the services of a social secretariat or a service provider and the social secretariats and service providers themselves. On the basis of the different recommendations produced by the satisfaction survey, the NSSO has drawn up an ambitious action plan. The first results of this plan are already manifest.

At the start of the year 2008 the social security portal site has been revamped. A contemporary look, an adapted structure and a larger supply of information on one single page help you to fulfil more rapidly your duties. 
The on-line help functions and documentation of the electronic applications have been revised one after the other. The support of Dimona and DmfA and the secured access have already been worked on. 
In the month of April 2008 the NSSO has ameliorated in consultation with a panel of employers and certified social secretariats the readability of the corrective advice. By April 2009 the creation, follow-up and forwarding of the advice will entirely take place by electronic means. 
Moreover the present User Management has been adapted to such a degree that local administrators of any establishment, companies, certified social secretariats and service providers, are able to manage independently the proper users by means of a flexible and solid system. 
Since May 1 2008 the staff members of the NSSO can be contacted by phone all working days until 17:00 hours (5 p.m.). 
In the month of June 2008 the website of the NSSO has been completely renewed. Through the website you can quickly get to know more about the role and the organisation of the NSSO and the employers’ commitments towards the NSSO. The website also offers statistical information about the employment in Belgium. In a few clicks you can contact the NSSO or apply for a certificate. The website of the NSSO and the social security portal site are as from today complementary information sites.

In other words, the NSSO continues to take action to gear the services it provides to its users’ needs and wishes.

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