The NSSO links the 2011 annual report to a Twitter account 2012-06-12

The NSSO (National Social Security Office) has published its annual report 2011 online. It has also seized this opportunity to launch a proper Twitter account.

Exclusively on line

Exactly as last year the annual report of the NSSO can be read exclusively online. This is a decision that fits into the institution’s efforts to digitalize all administration as much as possible.

In its report 2011 the NSSO has particularly taken care of the user friendliness. Thanks to the intuitive structure and navigation the content can be retrieved rapidly and simply.

NSSO hashtags

At the same time the NSSO has launched a proper Twitter account. Through Twitter the NSSO will communicate the most striking facts contained in the report. Which was the revenue of the NSSO throughout the year 2011? Which is the evolution of the major socio-economic indicators such as the level of employment and the total payroll ? All these facts can be followed through the Twitter account of the NSSO – under the hashtag #ONSS2011 and #RSZ2011.

Obviously the NSSO will also continue using its Twitter account independently from the annual report in order to communicate with the external world.

The NSSO and the social media

As far as the NSSO is concerned, this Twitter account does not represent its first experience at the level of the social media. Within the scope of the project Student@work the institution is already working since the end of 2011 in an intensive way with both Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page of Student@work enjoys in the meantime more than 25.000 fans. These are figures showing that the NSSO scores better than many well-known commercial trademarks.

From these experiences the NSSO has learnt that Facebook and Twitter constitute interesting new channels of communication with its stakeholders. Unlike the traditional forms of communication, the social media also offer the possibility of conducting a dialogue with stakeholders.

URLs and accounts

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