eGov Awards 2012: three nominations for the NSSO (National Social Security Office) 2012-11-26

This week the candidates for the eGov Awards 2012 have been announced. The NSSO has been nominated for three projects: the eBox for citizens, Dolsis and User Management.

eBox for citizens

In association with the CBSS (Crossroads Bank for Social Security), the NSSO has developed the eBox for citizens. The eBox is a personal, centralized, secured and electronic mailbox in which all documents sent by the participating institutions to the citizens are gathered.
This online service reunites the communication exchanged between the authorities and the citizen and helps to limit the number of paper documents.
The eBox has been nominated for the category ‘Best project’ and ‘Cooperation’.


In the category ‘Cost-effectiveness’ the NSSO – once again in cooperation with the CBSS  – has been nominated for the project called Dolsis.
Dolsis is an application which gives public institutions a direct access to the data of the NSSO. This leads not only to an administrative simplification but moreover contributes to track down fraud cases more rapidly. The application Dolsis may help to ameliorate the tracing of all forms of fraud. Until now the data of the NSSO were for certain institutions the missing piece of the puzzle in compiling fraud files. Through the combination of the proper information and the one detained by the NSSO the public institutions get a new forceful weapon in its combat against fraud.
Dolsis is accessible to the authorities of all levels, including the regional and local authorities. The access to this information is subject to the most strict security rules.


In the category ‘Innovation’ the NSSO has been nominated together with the co-initiator Fedict for the GIAM: integrated identity and access management.
GIAM gives enterprises in future the possibility to indicate themselves who is authorized to fulfill certain steps. Thanks to a cooperation between the NSSO and Fedict, GIAM is being generalized step by step for all new applications of the social security and the federal authorities but regional agencies can also join the initiative.
GIAM offers the enterprises the user-friendliness  and security of one single central management system for the identification,  the authentication and the management of access rights. When someone’s role is changed or he or she leaves the company, it becomes very easy to adapt his or her access rights.
For the authorities the use of one single central, generic platform offers the advantage of uniformity. Moreover  GIAM prevents that several public services have to invest in a strongly similar technology. Thanks to the effects of the standardization and the reuse GIAM creates cost savings of several millions of Euro.

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