Student@work-app: the first step to mobile e-government in the social security system 2015-02-10

The web-based Student@work of the RSZ (National Social Security Office) is also available from today as app for mobile devices. Working students with a smartphone can now check their remaining days and make a note to an employer everywhere.

Better mobile user experience

Student@work has been in existence since 2012 as a web application and already had a version optimized for mobile devices then. But with the rapid spreading of smartphones and tablets, the need has grown for a 'native' app which offers a better user experience.

"We have found that the step to a real app has become inevitable", says Koen Snyders, director-general of the RSZ. "It is important that you can refer to your data without making too many detours, especially in the case of a mostly young and mobile audience as students."

Long-term consultation

An important benefit of the Student@work-app is that a student has to log in with a username and password only once, then he can use it for his remaining days for three months. It is only after that that he has to re-enter his login information.

The student himself/herself creates his/her user name and password on-line, using his/her eID-card. "The one-time identification with the eID card is really necessary", says Snyders. "Student@work holds personal data. With those, we cannot afford to run any risks. Thanks to the eID, we have greater certainty that the credentials filled in have really been made by the working student himself/herself."

Making career data accessible

Since a few years ago, more and more information has been accessible to citizens from the social security system. "We undeniably evolve in the direction of a career databank, in which the employee can have an overview of all the information on his career via a secure access point", says Koen Snyders. "They will be able to see the working relations in the various phases of their career (as students, as temporary workers, as ordinary employees), to get information on their wages and working hours, and their personal situation."

Transparency means not only that data becomes accessible, but also that they are presented in a user-friendly way. That means that some information also has to be available on mobile devices. In that perspective, the launch of a Student@work-app today is an important step.

"This is not only an additional step in service provision for students", says Koen Snyders. "We see it as an important first step in the direction of mobile e-government in social security."

What is Student@work?

Student@work is a web-based application where students can see how many days they can still work with reduced social insurance costs. Students have altogether 50 'cost-effective' days per year. With the application students can also create notes for their employers which show how many days they still have in credit. In this way the employer is also sure that he does not exceed the 50 days. In 2013 students generated altogether 217,000 of such notes.


New mobile app student@work


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