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NSSO Statistics : apportionment of the jobs according to the place of employment : the data for the year 2008 2010-06-16

The brochure devoted to the apportionment of the jobs according to the place of employment (als known as the yellow leaflet or the decentralized statistics) relating to the second and the fourth quarter of 2008, which contains the data of the NSSO as well as those of the NSSO of the provincial and local administrations (RSZPPO/ONSSAPL), has been published on the website and equally exists as a printed brochure.

As all other publications from the year 2008 onwards, this brochure is based upon the new activity nomenclature (NACE-Bel 2008). This new nomenclature is more in keeping with the present economic reality but this conversion into a new nomenclature means that at the level of the time series a break has arisen.

In order to set off this break as much as possible, the tables relating to the year 2007 have been republished in according with the new nomenclature. These can be consulted and downloaded starting from the web page devoted to this brochure (only available in Dutch, French or German).

More detailed data can always be obtained from the Directorate for Statistics by means of the contact form.

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