The annual report 2015 of the NSSO is now available online 2016-06-02

The annual report of the National Social Security Office (NSSO) covering the year 2015 is currently available online. This year the annual report highlights the role of the NSSO as central collecting agency. The NSSO profiles itself more and more as the prime expert in the field of collection of social security contributions. As such it has recently taken over the responsibility for the collection of the social security contributions for the inland navigation (BK4) and the pension contributions for the statutory civil servants.

The collecting activity in interviews

The Pension Agency for the public sector (PDOS/SdPSP) (which has in the meantime merged with The National Pensions Office) has entrusted the NSSO with the assignment to collect as from the year 2015 the pension contributions for statutory civil servants. This far-reaching assignment representing an amount of 2 billion of euros has required an organization of a comparable size. The way in which the NSSO has tackled this new assignment can be read in a series of interviews with collaborators who are directly implied in this operation. The collection of the second-pillar pensions is equally addressed.


As this is the case every year, you can obtain in the annual report the statistics which show to what degree the NSSO has executed its core business. In the report you will also get to know the social-economic barometer for the year 2015.

The annual report 2015 of the NSSO is only available in French (Rapport annuel 2015 ONSS) or in Dutch (RSZ-jaarverslag 2015).

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